Below is a selection of stories that illustrate the work being done on behalf of young children and their families in Connecticut by our grantees and partners.

Meriden Parents Work with Seniors to Help Kids with Reading

January 28, 2010 We all know there are not enough resources to help students these days, but many of us just shake our heads and wish that things were different. Not Meriden parents Cathy Lewis and Donna Mordarski. Cathy Lewis was frustrated because her niece, who was having reading problems, was on a waiting list to get extra help in school. Help did not come quickly enough, though, and her niece was held back a grade. Rather than dwell on the lack of services, Cathy, a Meriden Parent Leadership Training Institute graduate, and Donna Mordarski decided to do something to help children who were struggling with reading.

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It Takes a County: Preparing Preschoolers for the “Big” School

October 22, 2009 Since the 1990s, parents and caregivers of Middletown’s preschoolers have worked together in support of high quality early childhood programs to ready its children for kindergarten. The William Caspar Graustein Memorial Fund (the Memorial Fund) has been an integral partner in this initiative, which over the years expanded from Middletown into eight neighboring towns in Middlesex County. Today, these children are entering kindergarten healthier and with better social and communication skills than in years past, critical components to a successful start to school.

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Communication Planning Helps Torrington Reach its Goals

September 1, 2009 Members of the Torrington Early Childhood Collaborative (TECC) reflect on their journey through the strategic communications planning process prescribed by Discovery’s Three-Step Communications Tool Kit.

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Windham Parent Network: Giving Parents a Voice

September 1, 2009 “To support, educate and involve parents as active participants in improving the quality of life for the children of Windham” is not only the mission of the Windham Parent Network (WPN); it is a community way of life. Founded in 1997 by local parents, the WPN is supported by the William Caspar Graustein Memorial Fund.

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